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Academic English Courses
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What We Do

Our professional English course is aimed at improving your communication skills.

If You Need Help

Visit our office or contact us by Phone , Email. We'll respond to your queries.

Cost Savings

All our courses are reasonably priced. We provide value for what you pay.

Intensive courses in General English for academic purposes, successful study and career preparation

The Alpha Language School is situated in the Republic of South Africa and give to the students the best intensive courses during the day, evening and weekends.

The language courses vary according to the expectations of everyone but the general pedagogy is based on individual care, building trust for an appropriate expression, and emulation due to the immersion into the country.

 At the Alpha Language School, Students may improve their skills for a career change, consolidate their gains or gaps in English, and prepare an English exam.
The objectives of our language courses are the following:

  • To gain confidence to express themselves orally (presentations, interviews, etc.)
  • To improve their knowledge of grammar and syntaxes
  • To understand and extract information from a written document (report, newspaper article, research material) 
  • To write a paper (essay, dissertation, correspondence, report);
  • To extend the lexical field
  • To Respond quickly to information exchange (absorb, process and respond)
  • To improve fluency to pass a university or start a career

The content of General English courses

We offer a supported training in the understanding, writing and oral expression, what allow the student to communicate with confidence. Intensive English courses focus on the grammatical and lexical structures, designed to fill gaps or refine knowledge to enable students to express themselves accurately in the language. The program includes:

  • Expansion of the lexical field
  • Listening to a recorded text, extraction of essential and comment on its contents
  • Reading a document: Questions and comments on its content
  • Free writing on a topic clearly defined
  • Contraction of text
  • Structured oral discussion
  • Presentation of a subject

These General English courses are specially designed for all trainees to acquire sufficient confidence to begin a spontaneous conversation in English. It is possible in Tutorial and Collective Programs.